Check performance with one key metric

Focus on the overall progress, not only ranks.

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What is rank tracking?

Rank tracking is about the overall progress and its impact on organic traffic. This is SERPWatcher's top priority. It's not about being first.

Ranking #1 doesn't mean you rule the organic traffic. It's all about keywords.

Dominance Index - Your #1 rank tracking metric

The Dominance Index represents your unique organic traffic share based on tracked keywords, their positions, and search volumes.

It tells you how your organic traffic changes due to keyword positions adjustments.

Rank tracking that saves your time

SERPWatcher lets you focus on optimizing instead of wasting time with rankings. The metrics are designed to provide the most critical outputs for SEO.

Don't just check keyword ranking. Work with data guiding you to profitable keywords.

The overall progress metrics for successful SEO strategy

Besides the Dominance Index, there are: Keyword position flow, Biggest changes, Estimated visits per month, and the Keyword ranking distribution chart.

Understand the metrics in the blink of an eye thanks to SERPWatcher's super user-friendly interface.

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