Track results for specific locations

Benefit from precise rankings for local SEO.

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Local and global position checker

SERPWatcher is a keyword position checker in which you can track keyword performance in locations of your choice: a country, state, region, or city!

There are thousands of geographical locations to track local keyword rankings from.

10 SERPs vs. 100 results

SERPWatcher parses first 10 SERPs one by one to see how they actually look, unlike many other keyword position checkers.

Featured snippets, ads, or any other changes, they may lead to less than 10 results so the positions will be different.

Daily data for all rankings & metrics

Search results change every day. In a time-sensitive niche, they differ more than once a day. SERPWatcher provides updated data on a daily basis.

Keyword positions are updated throughout the day to deliver the data as soon as possible.

Google position checker that saves your time

SERPWatcher is a time-saving Google position checker. Not only because of its productive interface and metrics. It's the data processing time that matters!

The rankings and metrics are calculated within minutes.

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