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Monitor your keyword rankings on all devices.

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Mobile and desktop search keyword ranking tool

Mobile search gets bigger every day. SERPWatcher monitors your keyword positions on both mobile and desktop devices used for Google search.

Mobile keyword ranking is important for every website, particularly for local SEO.

Manage the tracking platforms in your own way

Mobile search results can be completely different from desktop search. It's necessary to check the website ranking on Google for both devices.

Don't you need to track all devices? SERPWatcher lets you select the platform you want to track.

Can I track different keywords for each platform under the same domain?

It's your choice! When you are adding new keywords to one platform SERPWatcher will ask you whether you want to add them to another and vice versa.

It won't automatically add these keywords to both platforms so it's up to your decision.

Keyword ranking tool with desktop and mobile data switcher

SERPWatcher's friendly interface lets you switch between the platforms on one click.

Simply change and check the website ranking on Google in one click in the Dashboard or in the trackings menu.

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